Machining and Surface treatment

1. Tooling and Wax Pattern Injection

• Semi-automatic vertical wax injection machine

• Medium temperature wax molding

• Large shrinkage rate good process

Shell Ceramic mold

2. Fix the Wax

• Wax molding

• Eliminate the edges

• Corners to ensure neat products

Installation of tree

3. Installation of Tree

• By welding and stick pattern on

• 1 to 50 pcs on a pattern tree

• Strict quality control

Tooling and Wax Pattern Injection

4. Shell Making, Casting

• Automatically mold dipping by robot

• Adaptive layers, normally five layers

• Dewax-melt the wax by steam

Cleaning and Heat treatment

5. Shell Vibration Machine

• Removing the ceramic mold by shaking

• Finish the part according to different requirement

Inspection and Certifications

6. Polishing

• Remove burrs

• A smooth surface

• Strict quality inspection

After processing-1

7. After Processing

• Heat treatment

• Surface treatment